Website Creation 101: 3 Tips To Get You Started

In today’s digitally-oriented world, having a website where people can find you is critical. If you consider things like your Social Media platforms, mobile applications and email marketing efforts to be planets in your digital ecosystem, think of your website as the Sun that everything orbits around. It’s the hub of everything to do with your brand, and oftentimes the first place someone will land when searching online for the kind of product or service you offer.


The great news is, Koala – Free Website Builder makes it easier than ever to create and launch a website for your brand!


  1. Define your brand strategy and brand voice. 
    • This means having a clear idea of what your brand stands for, what you’re offering, and how you want to talk to your customers. Once these elements are solidified, it will become easier to determine how they come to life visually.
  2. Define your brand’s visual appearance.  
    • It’s incredibly important to create a visual brand identity that’s easily recognizable, as well as consistent throughout all of your digital channels.
    • Koala has a ton of templates for you to choose from to get started, but it’s always helpful to have a clear idea of your brand’s look and feel first, so that you can easily identify the one that’s best for you. From there, you can use our drag-and-drop editor to customize your site even more!
  3. Create compelling content. 
    • The goal here is to create content that is so relevant to your audience that they keep coming back for more, and begin to think of you as a trusted authority.
    • In addition to standard branded content that talks about who you are and what you offer, consider these other helpful tips to beef up your content game:
      • Curate: Serve as a ‘cool content’ aggregator for your customers.
      • Invite: Bring your customers into the conversation and invite them to share their thoughts, reviews etc.. on your site to boost credibility and SEO ratings.
      • Showcase: Write and publish a case study to further increase credibility.
      • Ask: Ask your audience what they’d like to see more of, and that will give you an opportunity to optimize your content strategy.

While there’s certainly a bunch of other things you’ll want to know about once you’re live with your new website (like SEO, UX best practices etc…) we think this is enough to get started on for one day! So if you’re ready to go, click here to see how easy Koala makes it to design, launch and manage your new website in a matter of minutes!